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  Derby Museum And Art Gallery The Wardwick | Derby

  Derby Jazz

  9th April 2022 8:00pm

  Standard ticket £15.00

  Under 26yr olds £5.00

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ARUN GHOSH - Seclused in Light

Arun Ghosh playing music from his new album Seclused in Light which was made largely during the lockdown.

Talking about this new project Arun says "So a lot of the album was made on my own in isolation, giving me an opportunity to go deeper into my composition process, and to focus on my clarinet playing / expression.

In doing so, I feel I've made my best work here.

The tour will be about bringing these compositions to life on stage. The sound will be will be less 'rocky' than previous tours - my focus will be on the power and range of musical expression we're capable of, rather than the raw energy we've projected before - though there will be plenty of that still, I'm sure!"



  Jamil Sheriff Piano

  Dave Walsh Drums

  Arun Ghosh Clarinet

  Marcus Joseph Alto Saxophone

  Gavin Barras Bass


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