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  Baby People | Derby

  Derby Jazz

  30th November 2018 8:00pm

  Children under 16 £0.00

  Student £10.00

  Standard £15.00

  Box Office Closed

Byron Wallen's FOUR CORNERS

A wonderful trumpet player with an easy and fluent style, Byron was one of Orphy Robinson’s All Stars that delivered a great performance for Derby Jazz last February. His quartet Four Corners features rising star Rob Luft on guitar, Paul Michael on bass, and Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner.

Originally from Tottenham, Byron Wallen has lived in Woolwich, South East London, for nearly 20 years. In 2016 Byron was commissioned by PRS For Music Foundation to compose a suite of music celebrating his chosen home town, a suite which became known as ‘Anthem for Woolwich’. Byron’s work draws inspiration from contemporary and indigenous cultures. This piece combines the music of a large part of the world whilst retaining its own distinct voice reflecting the heritage, diversity and vitality of Woolwich.

The project was conceived in 2013, sitting in the central square in Woolwich. Byron was struck by the community around him. It seemed unique and wonderful with its mixture of ages and nationalities, from Nepalese elders to young Nigerian men, and Somali mums with young families, a new Eastern European contingent and descendants of families who used to work in the docks and at the Arsenal. At the time, Woolwich was going through a particularly difficult time following the London Riots and the murder of Lee Rigby. Indeed, for many years, Woolwich had been a place spoken of with great negativity, particularly by those who didn’t actually engage with the area. The aim of this composition is to pay a lasting homage to Woolwich and deepen the artistic and personal relationships within the community.

Byron’s passionate musical knowledge and his fascination with the human spirit is evident in this music which is breath-taking in its excitement and depth.



  Tom Skinner Drums

  Paul Michael Bass

  Rob Luft Guitar

  Byron Wallen Trumpet


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