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  The CUBE Deda | Derby

  Derby Jazz

  5th October 2018 8:00pm

  Standard £12.00

  Box Office Closed

Camilla George Quartet

This band sold out Nottingham's Bonnington Theatre earlier in the year so book early.

MOBO nominated saxophonist Camilla George leads this exciting quartet making music that pays homage to the jazz tradition while exploring her African and Caribbean roots.

The band’s debut EP, Lunacity has been well received by fans and musicians alike. It has been hailed as a “fresh” sound by fans and “thoroughly enjoyable” by jazz legend, Gary Crosby. The release, which was held at The Crypt, Camberwell, was a sold out affair. They have since gone on to perform at Spice of Life, Jazz in the Round, Ealing Jazz Festival, Jazz Re:freshed, Ray’s Jazz and The Vortex. They are currently working on a follow up album, Isang pronounced I-S-A-NG (NG as in song), which is a celebration of the jazz tradition, from its African roots through to its modern forms. The title of the album, Isang is an old Effik/Ibibio word which means journey and symbolises the musical journey that the CGQ have embarked upon. Effik is the language of coastal south-eastern Nigerians and is of particular significance as it is where Camilla was born. The album aims to create a fusion of African, Caribbean and American influences. It will include some music inspired by West Africa but performed in the jazz medium such as Mami Wata- a driving blues written to celebrate Mami Wata a West African spirit often taking on the form of a mermaid which is deeply rooted in the ancient tradition and mythology of West Africa.

Camilla has studied with many jazz greats such as sax giant, Jean Toussaint (of Art Blakey fame), Tony Kofi, Christian Brewer, Julian Siegal and Martin Speake. In 2012 she graduated with a Masters in Jazz from Trinity College of Music where she also won the Archer Scholarship for outstanding performance. Camilla is also a member of multi award winning band, Jazz Jamaica as well as Courtney Pine’s Venus Warriors.


  Femi Koleoso Drums

  Dan Kasimir Bass

  Sarah Tandy Piano

  Camilla George Saxophone


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