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  The CUBE Deda | Derby

  Derby Jazz

  4th May 2018 8:00pm

  Standard £12.00

  Box Office Closed


YANA is a trio of drummer Joshua Blackmore, vibraphone maestro Corey Mwamba and bass player Dave Kane, three respected and cherished musicians on the jazz and improvisation scenes in the UK. They have an incredible communication as a trio, testament to a decade playing together which has included a Jazz Services national tour; the Manchester Jazz Festival; and supporting jazz saxophone legend David Murray Their incredible communication means that the music flows with magical ease, providing accessibility in fantastic grooves and improvised melodies that can often sound composed. It really is pure magic created through virtuosity, a shared aesthetic and unbelievable mutuality. They’ve been playing a lot over the last six months promoting their CD Baby/People. Exceptionally Yana has received excellent reviews in both the jazz magazine JAZZWISE and the avant garde The WIRE.

"The music resists easy categorisation. Though 100 per cent improvised, it manages to avoid sounding like either free jazz or improv." **** JAZZWISE

"Playful melodic patterns edge the music into jazzier territory, before a wood flute takes us into an otherworldly realm inhabited by Don Cherry or William Parker. Out of the ether emerges an energetic but graceful free jazz, characterised by Mwamba’s balletic playing and the rhythm section’s nimble invention." THE WIRE


  Joshua Blackmore Drums

  Dave Kane Bass

  Corey Mwamba Vibraphone


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