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  The CUBE Deda | Derby

  Derby Jazz

  3rd March 2017 8:00pm

  Standard £10.00

  Box Office Closed


The Korean term 'Hansu' means 'water'. 'A drop of water gathering to make an ocean'. Specifically Hansu represents strength, flexibility, harmony and water as the source of life. 'Tori' is the Japanese word for 'bird'. It can be thought to represent freedom and grace. Hansu-Tori brings material from their forthcoming album and critically acclaimed stage show ‘Wolves Are People Too’. Heavy synths, strong horn lines and beautifully crafted vocals blend seamlessly, set against a magnificent combo of gritty, driving bass and vibrant, energy-filled drums.


  Euan Palmer Drums

  David Austin Grey Piano

  Chris Young Alto Saxophone

  Eliza Shaddad Voice

  Lluis Mather Saxophones

  Chris Mapp Basses

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