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Yazz Ahmed - Bloom

Yazz Ahmed - Bloom

Phil Robson Six Strings and the Beat

The first ever performance of THE MOOK recorded in Derby on March 24th 2007 as part of DERBY JAZZ WEEK. The piece was one of a suite...

Corey Mwamba - Orrery

ORRERY was commissioned by Derby Jazz to celebrate its thirtieth anniversery in 2012 and received its only performance in Derby on Novemb...

From Acorns - Graham Collier and Harry Beckett with East Midlands Youth Jazz Orchestra

Commissioned as part of Derby Jazz' twentyfifth anniversay in 2007 FROM ACORNS. As Graham explains in the film he played the forst every...

Julian Siegel Jazz Orchestra "Tales from the Jacquad"

JSJO performing Derby Jazz commission "Tales from the Jacquard" at Derby Guildhal Theatre on 18th March 2017.

The Painter & The Pianist

"The Joseph Wright Suite" was commissioned by Derby Jazz from pianist John Bailey in 2009 to celebrate the 275th anniversary of the birth...

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